UPCOMING – Holiday Party & New Programs



We will be having our next child care exchange on Saturday December 19th from 11-2. There will be crafts, food, toys, and lots of fun for each child that attends! Drop your child off for a couple hours to get some time for yourself, or join us for the day and get in the holiday spirit! Hope to see you all there!



Drawing Fundamentals is for students who are beginning their artistic journey and wish to improve their drawing technique using fundamental drawing principles. Each week, we will explore a new component of colour theory, drawing technique, and art history and implement what we learn to create a portfolio-ready art piece. After 8 weeks of classes, you may expect your child to feel comfortable working in multiple mediums including tempera paints and oil pastels and confident exploring their creativity. Many students feel more creative, focused, and happy after drawing and many reports suggest improved motor control and performance at school. Join Drawing Fundamentals to give your child practical skills to unleash their creativity!  **Beginning January 2nd until April 30th; Register now**



A 7 Week program exploring and explaining the 7 chakras. You will learn meditation (with and without stones), using pendulums, balancing and smudging, protection, and how to make a vision board. Fees are $20 for non-members, and $15 for members. Classes will be held at our office (296 Horton Street E.) **Begins January 2nd to February 13th; Register now**



A yoga class for moms with  0-16 month old babies. Classes will be taught by Leslie Wendland, a yoga certified professional. Classes will be held every Wednesday 10am-10:45am at our office (296 Horton Street E.) $5 per class. **Begins January 6th for 4 weeks; Register now**

Contact 519-432-5454, or e-mail info@singlewomeninmotherhood.com to register today!