About Us

S.W.I.M Training Program

annmarieSingle Women in Motherhood (S.W.I.M) is a non-profit organization that offers hope, support, and guidance to single mothers, helping them to achieve a safe and secure future for themselves and their families.

Raised by a single mother in Toronto, Ann-Marie was a single mother herself for 18 years. Single Women in Motherhood was conceived in her living room after watching a TV program featuring Canada’s multi-billionaire, Michael Lee-Chin. He became an inspiration to Ann-Marie and prompted her to realize that a crisis can either equal danger or an opportunity. Ann-Marie was determined to turn the crisis of a crushed wrist and the inability to work into an opportunity, leading to the creation of S.W.I.M. Ann-Marie recognized the same cry coming from single mothers, and believes S.W.I.M will help them to achieve financial independence and attain family stability.

Ann-Marie is a life coach and motivational speaker. She received her Life Coaching certification from Stonebridge Associated College in 2008, and has since helped over a hundred single moms to change their lives. Her approach focuses on helping people to become accountable, and helps clients to develop coping methods and self-compassion. She recognizes that life happens and sometimes you have to re-focus on your priorities, but she encourages single mothers to “rest if you must, but don’t quit.” She has run workshops on “building your team” in order to identify the sources of support you already have in your life. In addition to running her own business called “Sweet Life Coaching”, she has worked with seniors for over 15 years, as well as developed the “SMART” scholarship to provide post-secondary scholarships to deserving moms.


We are committed to providing positive programs that empower single mothers to control their destiny by working towards developing their full financial, emotional, personal growth, self-worth, and intellectual potential. We focus on enriching the lives of the whole family. Accountability, responsibility and a positive approach to our training programs are important.


We will create a non-threatening environment, in which our members can share their stories, recognize each other’s achievements, and develop new ideas for coping with life’s events.

 Our Goals


  • To support single mothers emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically.
  • To create an environment that promotes building positive self-esteem among single mothers in the community.
  • To create a forum in which ideas can be shared.
  • To hold workshops, seminars, and training sessions that teach coping, money-management, and parenting skills.
  • To hold motivational workshops that inspire and encourage self-sufficiency and independence.
  • To form an alliance with other professional organizations to initiate voluntary services for mothers who cannot afford them.
  • To provide total care for single mothers through voluntary services such as babysitting, food, and clothing donations, transportation, and care packages.


What We Know


Single moms work hard!
We have many roles–as teachers, chefs, chauffeurs, personal shoppers, referees, nurses, and the list goes on!

On top of all of these jobs, someone has to bring home enough money to pay for rent and food.

When you are a single mother, there is only one of you and the stresses of life can be very challenging.
S.W.I.M recognizes the unique challenges of being a single mom – which is why we are here for you!
Raising a woman’s self-esteem and helping her to recognize and be proud of her own accomplishments are major goals for S.W.I.M.

What We Do

We Talk!
img_threeS.W.I.M  holds a support and discussion group twice a month. We occasionally have guest speakers to give short talks and provide activities on certain topics related to empowering single mothers.

We foster an environment where your unique perspective can be shared and encouraged by others through our discussion groups.

We are constantly working to strengthen ties with other community organizations so that we can take an active part in promoting London’s vast network of resources and support services. We understand the need for adult conversation and time away from your children. We know how hard it is to find a babysitter, so we provide one for you. We have a volunteer staff of childcare workers who bring toys, stories, and games along to every S.W.I.M meeting.

What We Aim For

We will create a community of single moms who help each other by sharing their individual knowledge. When women leave S.W.I.M meetings feeling empowered, we feel our own goals have been accomplished.