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Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do.

~ Matt Walsh

Everyone has a story. At S.W.I.M., we believe that sharing our stories can be healing not only for us, but for others as well. Please take some time to read the stories of these single moms, and feel free to share yours or a story about a strong single mother that you know!




“And people say it can’t be done. I am here to tell you that anything you want and can envision is reachable. I was raised by a single mother and I know what it’s like to be lost, sad and always questioning whether or not the things that I am doing is right or wrong. I know what it’s like to just not get it and to have no understanding. By not understanding you wonder why you go through the things that you go through and experience the things you experience in life. One thing that I do understand is that we all have a special journey to go through in life. This is what makes us unique people and these are the things that make us the adults we are today.

“There’s always room for growth and changes and these are things that we must want in order to grow and change in our life. At the age of 16 I got pregnant. I was afraid, scared and lonely and didn’t know what to do but I knew that I was supposed to have my child and to do the best that I could. I am now a mother of three and have successfully raised my children on my own as a single mother. I had an accident and crushed the bones in my wrist and was devastated to think that I may become homeless because I couldn’t work. Even though I feared going back on welfare, I realized we must use the services that are available in our communities because they are designed to help us better our lives. I decided to go back to school and take the help that was available to me and during that time I created the SWIM organization. I am now working part time within the field of health care.

I run the SWIM organization during the day and provide other single mothers with the opportunity to make great changes in their lives. I am constantly growing and learning in life and this will happen to you too, if you are ready to take responsibility and accountability to make changes within your life. I want everyone to remember that no one is perfect and great things will happen to you!”

-Ann-Marie, founder of Single Women in Motherhood (S.W.I.M) Training Program


“When I was 16, I met this older guy that I fell in love with. Not long after that got pregnant. I was 16, I had no job, and I had to drop out of school. He was abusive to me emotionally and physically for a year and a half after that. Before my daughter turned 1, things were really bad and I knew I had to get out. So I moved out and stayed at my friend’s house until I got my own place. I found a 1 bedroom in my price range. After living there for 8 months, I moved to a 2 bedroom unit in the same building. Later that year, I went back to school to finish my grade 12. I started off with 8 credits and finished in 2 years. Now I am working my first job and loving it! I will be attending Fanshawe college in September for Law clerk. In the future, I hope to get my college degree in law and work in a big law firm.”

– Valerie, Participant of our Life Skills/Life Coaching Program 


“I am a 25 year old single mother of three. After a long painful childhood I longed for loved which landed me in my position. When I met the father of my first two children I had no idea what it felt like to be loved by a man better yet loved by anyone. So the things he said to me to get what he wanted wasn’t hard at all. With him knowing the fact that I was raised in the children\’s home and my mother being a drug addict and not knowing who my father was made me feel that he knew how much I needed love and he loved me. I had the biggest reality check once the first baby came. I moved away after graduating high school for a basketball scholarship and that time apart should have allowed me to grow as a mother and woman but I didn’t because I felt like I needed that love. Never dealing with any other man I still believed in him left college and moved in and the abuse started. Baby number two came along and any type of disrespect imagined he did it. I got back in school and moved away and found a good job for me and my children promising myself that I wont fall for loves tricks again. I got my body in shape my mind clear and was loving my new life and my kids were with me growing and happy and here comes love again knocking at my door. This time I didn’t get pulled in quite easily but you can imagine how this went. Baby #3 was conceived and that is when the true colors were shown. It seemed as if everything was double like the first situation. The abuse was worse he used the fact that my mother didn’t love me against me. It seemed as if the more he got to know me the more he had to hurt me with—why? I have no idea. So now I am 25 and am really a good girl just confused about love. After 3 children everyone told me my career would be over as a model but if you saw me you wouldn’t believe the body God has given to me. My heart is still pure and the devil can never make me bitter and I have beautiful messages to deliver through my music. I am an Artist on the rise right now and will be the first to tell any one of my sisters believe in yourself because anything is possible with God’s permission. I will be the new face of Covergirl 2009 and yes those babies are right here with me reaping all of the rewards.”

– Denise, Participant of our Life Skills/Life Coaching Program 


Do you have a story that you would like to share with other mothers? Please share it in the comment section below!

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