Friend to Friend Language Program

Friend to Friend Language Program

SWIM is launching a new program called Friend to Friend Language Program. We would like to help ESL students, international students and recent immigrants to improve their communication skills in daily life.


Who is the Communication guide of the program?

Native English speakers who are also volunteers of SWIM who speak English fluently.


What to practice in the program?

SWIM has native English-speaking volunteers to assist participants one on one in practicing daily conversations.

Examples of some topics:

  • Greeting

  • Weather

  • Small talk

  • Movies — movie types, movie discussion

  • Favorite

  • Hobby

  • Exercise – walking, jogging, gym

  • Shopping

  • Medical appointment

  • Eat out —dinner, breakfast, lunch

  • Transportation and much more……..


What will you get from this program?

Communication skills—- Appropriate and effective communication is critical in any field. Participants will learn and practice the sentences that are commonly used by native English speakers in everyday life.


Program Fee

$10/ hour, however, volunteer gets a reduced rate of 50%.

Police check for a volunteer:

  • For the simple cleaning work, the volunteer does not need to provide a police check.

  • For the volunteer who wants to do the office work during office hours, she/he needs to provide a police check based on the volunteer procedure. SWIM has different positions, for more information, please check our website and send your cover letter and resume to, Potential volunteers will be invited to attend an interview where we can learn more about you.

  • Reference letter can be requested after six months commitment.


Time of the program

  • 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm on every Wednesday

  • Important Notice:

                   Participants access to the building is open until 4:30 pm ONLY.  



Where does the program take place?

The program will be held in our offices. Our office is located above the Tim Hortons at 296 Horton Street East. Our entrance is at the right side of the front of the building.


Contact information:

Tel: 519-432-5454