Who we are

SINGLE WOMEN IN MOTHERHOOD is a non-profit organization that offers hope, support, and guidance to single mothers. We assist them in achieving a safe and secure future for themselves and their family.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing positive programs that empower lone mothers to control their destiny by working towards developing their full financial, emotional, personal growth, self-worth, and intellectual potential. We focus on enriching the lives of the whole family. Accountability, responsibility and a positive approach to our training programs are important.

Our Vision

We have a family oriented environment, in which our members can share their stories, recognize each other’s achievements, and develop new ideas for coping with life’s events.Accountability, responsibility and a positive approach to our training programs are important.

What We Know - Single Mothers Work Hard!

We have many roles–as teachers, chefs, chauffeurs, personal shoppers, referees, nurses, and the list goes on!

On top of all of these jobs, someone has to bring home enough money to pay for rent and food.

When you are a single mother, there is only one of you and the stressors of life can be very challenging.
We recognizes the unique challenges of being a single mom – which is why we are here for you!
Raising a woman’s self-esteem and helping her to recognize and be proud of her own accomplishments are major goals for Single Women In Motherhood

What We Do - We Talk

Single Women In Motherhood holds a support and discussion group twice a month. We occasionally have guest speakers to give short talks and provide activities on certain topics related to empowering single mothers.

We foster an environment where your unique perspective can be shared and encouraged by others through our discussion groups.

We are constantly working to strengthen ties with other community organizations so that we can take an active part in promoting London’s vast network of resources and support services. We understand the need for adult conversation and time away from your children. We know how hard it is to find a babysitter, so we provide one for you. We have a volunteer staff of childcare workers who bring toys, stories, and games along to every meeting.

What We Aim For

We will create a community of single moms who help each other by sharing their individual knowledge. When women leave our meetings feeling empowered, we feel our own goals have been accomplished.