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The Single Women In Motherhood team is small in size – but big in ambition! And we all do a little bit of everything. Whether that’s supporting out local community or working on our many events – our team is making a difference, every day.

If you want to be a part of our team in making a difference in the London and surrounding area
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Ann-Marie Ricketts​

Executive Director & Founder

Born in Jamaica and raised by a single mother in Toronto, Ann-Marie Ricketts’ journey epitomizes resilience. After over 18 years as a single mom herself, she founded the Single Women In Motherhood Training Program in 2002, initially conceived as a simple idea for an award show celebrating the achievements of single mothers. The organization began humbly, sparked by Ann-Marie’s own experiences and nurtured on her living room floor. However, as she delved deeper into the challenges faced by single moms, the organization evolved, growing into a beacon of support and empowerment for the community.

From these humble beginnings, Ann-Marie’s dedication propelled SWIM to prominence. As a certified life-coach and motivational speaker, she uplifts her community. Her efforts earned her accolades, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, the Platinum Jubilee Award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2023, the Black Excellence Award in 2022, and the Veronica Dryden Women of Distinction Award in 2022.

Ann-Marie hasn’t stopped there. Recognizing the importance of education in the lives of single mothers, she also created the Strong Mothers Achieving Remarkable Triumphs (S.M.A.R.T) scholarship to assist them with their educational ventures. Operating within her business, “Sweet Life Coaching,” Ann-Marie provides life coaching services, exemplifying unwavering dedication to uplifting single mothers in every aspect of their lives.

Ann-Marie’s story is more than personal triumph; it’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation, fueled by compassion and a commitment to making a difference. She serves as an inspiration, reflecting the power of turning a simple idea into a profound force for change.


Janet McCrea


Nicole Tatuem

Vice Chair

Kathy Rumleski


Harmonique Wilson

Board Member

Our Volunteer Team

Daniela Correa

Grant Manager

As the Grant Manager at Single Women in Motherhood, my role involves overseeing the organization’s grant-related activities. This includes identifying potential funding opportunities, preparing grant applications, and managing the reporting and compliance requirements for grants awarded. My experience in this role has allowed me to effectively secure funding to support our mission of empowering and supporting single mothers and their families.


Mariam Ahmer

Grants & Scholarships

I am a medical student with an interest in program management and development. I joined S.W.I.M. to volunteer as the scholarship coordinator, working to expand the scholarship program and support studying single mothers across Canada. I am grateful to be part of a team of inspiring volunteers at S.W.I.M. who are committed to holistically supporting and empowering single mothers and their families within our local community and beyond.

Graciela Perez

Human Resources Coordinator

I currently hold the role of Administrative Manager and HR Coordinator at SWIM. My journey with the organization began as a volunteer in different areas, including HR, Administration, and the Mother in Cleaning social enterprise. These diverse roles have provided me with valuable insights into the core operations of the organization. Being a member of SWIM helped me to understand the significance of seeking essential resources when facing the challenges that we as a single mother often encounter.


Gina Marcela Bocanegra

Admin Assistant

My name is Gina Marcela Bocanegra Uruena; I am a Business student at Fanshawe College. My work experience was in the Banking sector for around 15 years, holding different positions until leading work teams as a branch manager. I am optimistic, organized, detail-oriented, friendly, and loyal. I love sharing time with my  family; I like to dance and am spiritually connected with God. I currently live in London with my husband and son, starting this new life full of many changes, which has been a great challenge that we have enjoyed as it has allowed us to grow as people and professionals.

Karine Souza

MIC Coordinator

I’m a Medical Office Assistant student with a Nutrition background from my home country. I became a volunteer at S.W.I.M. because I really understand how hard it is to have kids without any support and I know everybody can do at least a little thing to change the life of a single mom. So, I’m here trying to do my best to improve the Mothers in Cleaning program to help single moms and make happy customers. I’m counting on you.

Luiza Mustafa

HR Assistant

I am a Psychologist, Coach, and Mentor. I enjoy supporting others to find purpose and fulfillment in the world of work. Innovation happens where there is room for people to be themselves, with a plurality of thoughts and psychological security for experimentation. I have been working in the People and Culture area as a generalist since 2006. Strategic performance focused on business needs based on data.

Jessie Man

Event Assistant